Afropop singer/songwriter and producer ND was born in Mbuji Mayi (former Bakwanga), Republic the Congo in 1990. Raised and guarded by his grandmother, he starts singing in the church at very young age where he created the fundamentals of his present-day musical imprint. His stage name is based on his initials: The D of David and the N stands for his surname Ngala-Mulume.

Praised by his exceptional approach on the Afropop sound, ND has earned recognition for his vibrant multicultural style influenced by the many places he called home. Born in the Congo, growing up in a small village near Amsterdam(NL) and currently living in Antwerp(BE); he soaked up the distinctive music’s and cultures from these countries. This not only made him a world citizen, but also in potential a global artist with the world at his feet. A perspective that is strengthen by the fact that as a singer and songwriter, ND speaks and writes 6 languages:  French, Portugese, Swahili, Lingala, English and Dutch.

In 2010 he won the ‘Video Virus’ -a reputable regional competition for the most talented musicians- with the song ‘Mon Coeur’(My Heart). In 2014 ND’s first single was released in the name of ‘Yamba’(Receive) which became a hit in The Netherlands and The Carribean, especially in Surinam (South America). In 2015, he co-wrote the 7x platinum hit of Dutch heavyweight artist Kenny B with the song ‘Parijs’(Paris) and in the same year, he was given the opportunity to perform on one of the biggest Afro events in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

In 2016 ND decided to implement ‘radio silence’ to philosophize about the next crucial steps in his career. As a result of this, in 2017, he signed his first publishing deal with publishing major BMG Talpa Music in joint venture with Dutch top producer Spanker whose songs been dominating the hit charts for the past years.

In 2018 ND signed an agreement with the platinum winning talent management company Boss Business Group B.V. and their newly established subsidiary False Flag Records. ‘I implemented radio silence for a reason’, thus ND. ‘I wasn’t looking for a record label or management just to sign a deal. I was looking for a team that sincerely believed in me and want me to see win as much as I do myself, even in difficult times which may lay ahead. The music industry can be hard sometimes, I’ve been through a lot. Trust, transparency, goodwill- factor and honesty are my keywords for a good cooperation and I’m convinced it’s there

now. I can’t wait to show the world my new songs!’. As a result of this collaboration he did an official French remix of Dutch heavyweight artist Jayh on the song ‘Un Trago’ (official summer anthem of Lipton Ice Tea®) and more of his amazing music is on the way.

With his exceptional talent, unique sound and all-in mentality; he can be seen as one of the most promising artists in the modern-day music industry. ‘God has a plan for us all. Don’t dream your life, live your dreams’ – ND.