According to statistics, he was already dead or in jail.
And it was pretty close….. Although he has been rapping since he was 16, Papi Mikey Dinero, the child of an often absent Venezuelan father and a Dutch mother, got involved early in street life in Amsterdam.
There lie all the ingredients for his exotic, narcotics-related rap style. In a bittersweet twist of the universe, Mikey got into a car accident in 2013 that would change his life.

Now more than 10 years after the accident, Mikey is a father of two kids and another human being.
He had to be, because he had to learn everything all over again: to eat, walk, talk and, consequently, rap.
Blessed with a second chance from the Lord, Mikey decided to change his life. Alie misery he abandoned and music became the outlet.

Armed with South American suave vivre, shrewd language skills and an indispensable aura full of charm and warmth, Papi Mikey Dinero, is taking over the Dutch rap scene bit by bit.

Papi Mikey Dinero’s sound is best described as eclectic. In his music, you hear influences from Latin America mixed with more Western music styles resulting in crossovers that feel unique.
From Latin Trap, Reggaeton and Dembow to Salsa and House music.