Afropop singer/songwriter & producer ND was born in Mbuji Mayi, Republic the Congo in 1989. Raised by his grandmother, he starts singing in the church at very young age where he created the fundamentals of his present musical imprint. His stage name is based on his initials: The D of David and the N stands for his surname Ngala-Mulume.

Praised by his exceptional approach on the Afropop sound, ND has earned recognition for his vibrant multicultural style influenced by the many places he called home. Born in the Congo, growing up in a small village near Amsterdam(NL) and currently living in Antwerp(BE); he soaked up the distinctive music’s and cultures from these countries. This not only made him a world citizen, but also in potential a global artist with the world at his feet. A perspective that is strengthen by the fact that as a singer and songwriter, ND speaks and writes 6 languages: French, Portugese, Swahili, Lingala, English and Dutch.

Billboard ND MeirbrugPhoto: Spotify Billboards of ND’s album Jungle Of Melodies in Antwerp, Belgium.