About K-Liber

The Antillean group, known as K-Liber, is the group of Teddo Juice, Pugistix and Mega Master. All three members were born in Curaçao, but lived in the Netherlands (Purmerend) during the formation. Teddo and Mega spent a lot of time together in their barbershop. Because yes, in those days you could also go to K-Liber for a good haircut!

Teddo and Mega had a great passion for music, and wanted to do more with it. So they decided to look for a producer, and that became Pugi.

In the beginning they sang mainly in Papiamento, the language of the ABC islands. Only later did they make their first Dutch-language track, on the first album “Ta Den Kaya”. From then on the ball started to roll. The first shows in The Hague, Tilburg and Rotterdam were a fact, and they started working hard on their next album “Schuurpapier”. The Top Notch label showed interest in that album, and that’s when the ball started rolling. The requests for shows in Holland, Belgium and on the ABC-islands poured in and “Viben” and “Magnifico” became evergeen hits.

But did the men get ahead of themselves? No, they didn’t. They all kept their jobs on the side. Of course the weekends were intense, with sometimes ten gigs in one weekend. During this time they performed in Africa, Spain, Turkey, Curaçao, Bonaire, the Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam.

After this great time, Pugi decided to go for his career as a school teacher, after which Teddo and Mega continued together with K-Liber. They continued for a couple of years and Mega taught his son Shaqeel the artistry. Shaqeel continued the name K-Liber from then on, together with his father.

In 2022 K-Liber made an official comeback with the single Dikke Uhhh, which was played a lot on Radio NL and with Bubbling Style, together with Team Rush Hour, Gio and Hansie. That year they also appeared on SLAM and received a golden award from Top Notch for Viben, during the Rookworst podcast. In their current formation, K-Liber still performs 100 to 150 times a year.

In 2023 the ‘Time Travel’ double album of K-Liber will be released, which is a kind of time travel of the old and new K-Liber. Hits from the past, unique remakes with other artists and brand new tunes! Get ready for the Time Travel tour. Do you long for a time machine so you can enjoy it before then? Gotcha! New music will be released every month throughout the year! K-Liber, back in the house!