PM Label Group – founded by PM Recordings B.V. –  is an independent record company and label network, which is being the backbone of a wide variety of artists and labels.

The Network
PM Label Group was built to provide both artists and managers with an extensive network to help them promote their own independent label. Under the umbrella of PM Label Group, the in-house record labels are being managed as well, like PM Recordings, the original dance label founded in 2008 and some more recent initiatives, like Piano and Nature, El Ritmo Dorado and Dancehall Diamonds.

Maximum results
Thanks to modern-day digitization and streaming, it’s never been easier for artists to release and promote their own music – and yet, anyone looking to realize maximum results still needs to know how to walk the walk. That’s been the job of PM Recordings since its establishment in 2008: helping artists find their step by filling the role of record label, music manager, back office and promotional partner. The result is fluid teamwork, measurable actions and maximum results.

PM Recordings B.V. Managing Director Thijs Borgman: “More and more, we’re seeing artists and managers who want to maintain an element of flexibility when it comes to their releases. They don’t just want to give their fanbase new music – they want to deliver it at precisely the right moment. That’s where PM Label Group comes in. We help with planning and take care of the distractions; things like contracts, administration, payments. We’re also a registered YouTube content-partner, which means we’re able to quickly claim and distribute content. And we’re equally focused on other types of promotion, important playlists on platforms like Spotify and the radio, for example. We do all that, while carefully tracking the numbers and stats, and before you know it, the artist is presenting a well-rounded package.”

Borgman: “We also want PM Label Group to act as a type of community or even better; a family. We organize writing camps, get-togethers, things like networking events and open studios, so that all of our artists and labels can exchange information and expertise, work together on productions, and cross-promote each other’s releases.

PM Recordings (and thus, by extension, PM Label Group) is a rapidly growing independent music enterprise with great national and international releases.