PM Label Group – founded by PM Recordings B.V. – was built to provide both artists and managers with an extensive network to help them promote their own independent label.

Maximum results

Thanks to modern-day digitization and streaming, it’s never been easier for artists to release and promote their own music – and yet, anyone looking to realize maximum results still needs to know how to walk the walk. That’s been the job of PM Recordings since its establishment in 2008: helping artists find their step by filling the role of record label, back office and promotional partner. The result is fluid teamwork, measurable actions and maximum results.


PM Recordings Managing Director Thijs Borgman: “More and more, we’re seeing artists and managers who want to maintain an element of flexibility when it comes to their releases. They don’t just want to give their fanbase new music – they want to deliver it at precisely the right moment. That’s where PM Label Group comes in. We help with planning and take care of the distractions; things like contracts, administration, payments. We’re also a registered YouTube content-partner, which means we’re able to quickly claim and distribute content. And we’re equally focused on other types of promotion, important playlists on platforms like Spotify and the radio, for example. We do all that, while carefully tracking the numbers and stats, and before you know it, the artist is presenting a well-rounded package.”

Some of PM Label Group’s newest promotional tools involve the networks of prominent vloggers and playlist curators. “In exchange for a mention, these influencers are allowed to use music from any of the labels represented by PM Label Group,” Borgman explains. “We want to promote our music as many ways as possible and this is one of them. The 50 vloggers that use our music have, in total, more than 10 million subscribers.”


A number of successful labels have already teamed up with PM Label Group. In addition to in-house initiatives, including dance/pop label PM Recordings, PM Recordings Latin, Dancehall Diamonds, Kingbird Recordings and more, labels such as Sound Clash Music, Row Records have also gotten on board. Founded by the DJ-and-producer duo Team Rush Hour, Sound Clash Music promotes dancehall and Jamaican-inspired dance music (the “Team Rush Hour sound”). As for their accomplishments: Sound Clash Music achieved gold-level status for the single “Oh Na Na” and this year, in 2020, the second award is on its way.

Monthly Hits Records, a label launched in collaboration with Jesper Hesseling, is another one of PM Label Group’s newest partners. Jesper is the brain behind Monthly Hits, the Netherlands’ largest independent Spotify playlist, which, with its base of more than 150,000 followers, also ranks among the most popular playlists worldwide. Artists represented by Monthly Hits Records must match the spirit of Jesper’s influential playlist – which is precisely one of the label’s most unique selling points: its artists enjoy guaranteed Spotify-playlist placement. Together with PM Label Group’s extensive network, Jesper is now able to play a serious role in kick-starting the careers of up-and-coming artists.

In addition to the partnership with Hesseling, PM Recordings also recently succeeded in joining forces with JR Kenna’s management, a prolific dancehall/reggae singer who – partly thanks to the help of PM Label Group – now works with the producer Stefario and recently began his own label, Row Records. In the words of Borgman: “This is a great example of how we connect labels and artists with producers.”


Borgman: “We also want PM Label Group to act as a type of community. We organize get-togethers, things like networking events and open studios, so that all of our independent labels can exchange information and expertise, work together on productions, and cross-promote each other’s releases. A great example of this is Sound Clash Music’s two-day writing camp at Amsterdam Dance Event.”

Signing up

Application is not available to everyone at this time and previous work is a prerequisite to PM Label Group’s supportive role. Borgman: “We put a lot of time into each label and into maintaining personal contact. If necessary, we’re even available in the evening and on weekends – just one of the ways we really stand out from the rest. PM Recordings (and thus, by extension, PM Label Group) is a rapidly growing independent music enterprise with large national and international releases. Because PM operates independently, we’re free to hook up with other companies around the world to help promote a new release.”